No Credit Check Mobiles

If you’re looking for a network which doesn’t do a credit check then you will be looking for a very long time. At the moment, there is no way in which to get approved for a new phone contract without having had a credit check. No credit check phone contracts do not exist! This is simply because these companies are trusting you and thus must know how reliable you are before approving you. It’s just sensible business. If, in the future, a network does offer no credit check mobiles then you can be sure that their monthly tariff rates will be very high.

Instead of looking endlessly for a network that doesn’t exist, a better option would be to apply for a lower end model and a network that has a high approval rate. On this site, we have researched the best networks to apply for if you have a bad or low credit score. If you find that you have already applied for these networks and been refused then you may want to have a look at how to improve your credit score.

This can be done in a number of ways but firstly, you should make sure that your credit rating is accurate by taking out a credit report with a company such as Experian or CreditExpert. You can then check to see where there are negative points and determine if you are deserving of it. If you do find an error then get it rectified immediately, or if you find any payments that are outstanding which you didn’t realise you had then contact the company you owe and sort out a repayment schedule and ask them to remove the negative score which they gave you.

If you find that your credit report is entirely accurate then your only option is to rebuild your credit score by applying for credit and getting accepted. How can you do this, you may wonder, as you’ve already been refused for a phone contract. Well, there are a number of different ways in which you can get credit such as online catalogues, credit cards, car insurance and more. Most of these methods have better acceptance rates than all mobile phone networks.

The final option is to apply for Sim-only contract. This will allow you to improve your credit rating in the eyes of the network you are on. After a few months, apply for an upgrade and there will be a better chance of you getting approved.

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