When it comes to applying for a new mobile phone contract many people have a number of questions that they need answering. Here we have attempted to answer all of the common questions you may have.

I have no credit history, can I get a mobile phone contract?
Dependent on you being over 18 and fitting the network criteria there is no reason why you shouldn’t get approved. Apply online and let us know how you get on.

I have bad credit, what can I do to increase my chances of approval?
There are a few things you can do to increase your chances such as:
1. pply direct with a mobile network as they have more leniency and can accept security deposits for bad credit customers.
2. Apply for a sim only contract. This will not include a new mobile phone but you will be able to upgrade from a sim only once you have proved you can pay the bills in a timely manner.
3. Opt for a cheaper handset on a lower monthly tariff for a lower scored application which will increase your chances.
4. Do not apply to lots and lots of companies and networks as this may harm your chances further.

I want a no credit check mobile contract, what are my options?
If you wish to get a standard mobile phone contract then there is no uk mobile phone network that currently offers a no credit check application. If you wish to avoid a credit check you may wish to get a phone on finance from a company such as brighthouse who do not credit check their customers.

I have been declined, what should I do?
There are often simple reasons why you have been declined. Often the reason is not bad credit but a simple mistake on an application which triggers the credit check to come back with a negative response. You can rectify errors like this by:
1. Making sure all details especially previous address are correct! – Do not guess!!
2. If you have been declined ask the network for more information often the nature of the decline will be available.
3. If you have been declined and you have severe bad credit, you may be best to wait until your circumstances change. See our apply page for more tips on which networks are more willing to accept bad credit customers.

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