Contract Phones for Bad Credit

Getting accepted for a mobile phone contract with a bad credit score can difficult these days. When it comes to getting accepted from a UK network you may find that some are more lenient than others in terms their of approval rates. Here we have shared our knowledge of the smartphone industry to help you on the path towards your next phone contract at a decent and fair monthly price.

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UK Networks

If you have a poor credit rating you will find that applying directly with a network rather than through a retailer improves you chances of getting approved. Orange, T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile are the three best networks in the UK for people with bad credit.To find out more, visit our FAQ page.

iPhone 5 Contract

Getting approved for a contract on the iPhone 5 when you have a poor credit rating is not likely to happen. Instead, we recommend you apply for a lower end model as these have much higher acceptance rates. You could then apply for an upgrade once you've proven yourself.

Improve your Credit Score

Improving your credit score before you apply for a mobile phone contract is an option if you have been refused before. Buying on finance from catalogues is a good option but firstly you should take out a credit report and check for any information that is inaccurate.